What a Person Learned After 50 Days Without Eating Food

A few years ago, 1 man published an article about his experience with an extreme fast, putting himself through an extended period of time without eating meals: over 50 days.

In the bottom of the article, you’ll notice an upgrade which reads:

“After a lot of reflection I probably would advise against this long a fast to anyone or do it this way again myself. I think shorter more frequent fasting is the way to go. A very long extreme fast may be beneficial in some cases of extreme sickness where all other options have been exhausted. This cant replace a healthy diet and frequent fasting.”

The effort he undertook to see what would happen and try to cleanse his body is incredible and absolutely commendable. Ironically, the photo above makes it look like he aged quite a bit throughout the fast, he probably looks worse than before.

The report begins with a very strong caution DO NOT GO WITH OUT eating for 53 days. The author noted that prisoners of war returning from starvation have been known to pass away after ingesting food too quickly.

Then, the writer explained that he had experienced a few 3-day and 7-day juice fasts in the past, where the person does nothing but drink small amounts of juice for several days, but he felt he needed to go deeper.

While exploring how to reach altered states of consciousness in his words, he started interviewing people about it. He continued to explain how his wife told him about a group of people on Facebook “withering away,” taking photos of their feces with giant strings coming out of them after fasting, even experiencing their eyes change color allegedly. The article contained some atrocious pictures of what the author defecated after fasting: giant strings of who knows what that the body expelled.

So the author decided to embark upon something called the “Master Fast System,” designed by Gino DiSerio, who resided in the same town as the author.

The Master Fast System is an extreme, extended fast that combines intermittent fasting that is dry, in which the person can drink only juice through 6-8 hour windows, together with weekly and monthly much more extreme, prolonged dry fasts.

An elongated dry quickly is 24-48 hours with no food, without water: the extremity of that cannot be overstated. To a person with not the best capability to handle blood sugar, being with no water could be severe. To anyone reading this, trying this would definitely be dangerous. However, this article implies that the dry quickly isn’t so tender, with a few particular things to aid the procedure.

It was clarified that the way the writer would survive an elongated dry fast, would be to drink between one and 3 liters of concord grape juice mixed with lemon juice on a daily basis.

Also, a few tablespoons of psyllium husk mixture with bentonite clay and activated charcoal would be consumed during that extreme period of fasting, to cleanse the intestine of toxins and keep the bowels moving. That certainly makes sense, as extreme as it sounds. 3 liters of juice is quite a bit.

Also, the author would take some herbal tinctures using a kidney tea, to be able to filter the kidneys and support glands, likely the lymphatic system, along with other organs throughout the intense detox procedure.

The process that was recommended to the author was even more intense, surprisingly. They advocated 108 days of that, which can be so extreme it can hardly be understood.

To sum it up, the rest of the article explained that he had cleansed himself although it was extremely difficult, and a dreadful long thing emerged from him, it is too graphic to begin to describe.

If you’d like to read the rest of his expertise, it is possible to find it here. It’s quite fascinating, but certainly harmful for a few, if not all folks, and it might actually age folks because if you only look at that photo, the rapid appeared to do that.

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