Thief Tries To Steal Woman’s Car, Bursts Out Laughing When He Sees Note She Left For Him

Mfiasco, a Reddit user revealed a note she had put in the glove box of her car, and it went viral as people were drawn to the weirdness of the note.

You see, she had been battling with a problem for quite some time now.

Her car was always the target of car thieves. And the frequency of these activities had led her to leave a plea note in the glove box of her car.

The note is directed to the car thief who has broken into her car with the intent of stealing it.

She asks that the thief should leave her car in a safe neighborhood after he/she is done with it.

She goes on the explain that that was the best way to have her get back her car with the involvement of the towing company and cops.

A win-win situation for both.

Below is the famous glove box note.

The Note Reads As Follows:


If you’re reading this, you are probably stealing my car. I’m a nice person and likely would have given you a ride, but obviously we’re past that.

I would love to afford a car that doesn’t get stolen and burglarized all the time, but I’m broke and this is what I’m stuck with. So, you got me. Again.

You’re not going to get into trouble for stealing my car. As long as you don’t f**k around and kill a pedestrian, you’ll just leave this somewhere and go about your business. Nobody investigates this tomfoolery.

One quick favor: please do not leave my car somewhere it will get towed. If I have to deal with one more f**king impound lot holding my stolen shi**y Honda for ransom, I am going to lose my mind. And my car, because I can’t afford to keep bailing it out of car jail. If I had any money I would just go buy a goddamned car that wasn’t constantly getting stolen in the first place.

Please just leave my old piece of sh*t car in a neighborhood or something. There’s a note in this envelope; just stick it on the dash or under the wiper. A passerby will see it eventually and call me and then I can come get my car. No cops, no questions asked; I’m not even mad at you.

It’s win-win: I don’t have to deal with police reports, insurance claims, and tow trucks, and you don’t have to feel like a jerk for ruining the month of a nice person.

There are countless safe places to leave this thing. Drive the car, take my first aid kit and emergency supplies in the trunk (my stereo is worthless) and just leave this motherf**ker in front of someone’s house when you’re done with it.

Thank you. Enjoy your ride.

PS if you don’t mind committing another misdemeanor tonight, feel free to go throw a brick through the window of (redacted) Towing in Vancouver. They are literally the f**king worst. Thanks. Have a good night.

To clarify, this note has worked.

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