See What The Oracle Card Says of Your Past Life And How You Can Make Your Present One Better

The cards in this article, give you a peek at the issues your spirit had to deal with in your former life. You can read into all these and deal with these issues, thereby giving you the freedom to live in the now – your present life.


The card suggests that you were – in some way, connected to an important figure during bible times. You have to find what biblical figure, whose life and deeds ring deeply in your heart. Remember that as someone who was close to them, what you read now are probably events you witnessed in your past life. So it isn’t unusual to see that such events strike a chord in you. It is also important to find a place in your heart, to forgive and forget all past transgressions that may have happened in those days.


Your attitude towards your finances is a reflection of your financial status in your past life. It could mean that you were a wealthy merchant or some rich emperor. It could also mean that you were amongst the poor masses or a commoner – not of any aristocratic blood. If you find out that you get anxiety from just thinking of spending money, then maybe you lived through very tough times. It may have been famines or poor terrains – where growing food wasn’t quite an easy task. If you are having issues understanding salary systems or investments. That could also be a pointer to the fact that in your past life, you never had to deal with all of that. To deal with your behavioral issues as it has to do with money, learn new habits which you must begin to implement in your life today.


This card tells tales of betrayals from many relationships you had with people. Being a very trustworthy person, you treated those relationships with respect and honor. And all you got from such relationships was betrayals and disgrace. You will have to let go and this is because you are carrying with you bottled up pain and anxiety from past life trauma. This has made you very hard to love in a relationship. And it has also turned you into a very paranoid person – you find it difficult to trust people again. Learn to live a life void of any assumptions of obligations. Focus on building yourself through self-development books and let life lead you on a fulfilling course.


This card is trying to alert you to the fact that the strange feelings of instant like or distrust aren’t ordinary. They are signals to relationships in your past life. Armed with this knowledge, begin to consciously examine the relationships you have today – in and outside your family. Do you feel like someone will betray you if the opportunity presents itself? Do you feel an enormous need to protect someone? Are there times where you meet a total stranger but click instantly with them – as though you have known each other for years? Explore such situations whenever they present themselves. Avoid those that give of strange vibes and rock with those that make you comfortable.


This card suggests that you were once someone with a great amount of wisdom and understanding. Maybe, you were some wise seer you say on the advisory council to a king or you were a wise king yourself. In this life, it is important that you learn to put your energy and time into whatever that catches your interest. Learn to master it, get to become an expert in it. Your talents will take over and let you shine brightest, in your field of study. Also remember to feed your mind and spirit constantly, so as to maximize your full potential. Only through this oath can you experience fulfillment in the life you live today.


For the Virgo, you are recovering from some romantic trauma in your past life. And the pain from such an incident has translated into your life now. It looks like someone severed the bond of a relationship so strong that you are yet to fully recover from. They may have betrayed you or died abruptly from war, famine or some form of disease and plague. You have to look inwards today, to find out whatever behaviors you exhibit, that is directly or indirectly a reaction to your romantic trauma. Take conscious step to facilitate a faster recovery process, so you can live a happy life free from all suffering


The Libra, this card reveals that your relationship with your mother isn’t only experienced in this day and age. It shows that your mum very much likely was your mum in your past life. Now, there are many reasons why this happened. But two major one’s standout. It could mean that you had a tumultuous relationship with your mother. And the universe is giving both of you a chance to resolve it. It could also mean that you guys had such an amazing relationship that your string affinity for each other broke the universal laws of space and time so that you guys would be together again. Now, whatever the situation may be the end goal of your relationship is that you and your mum maximize it. If you are always at it with each other, then maybe it is time you both resolve your differences with each other. But if you have a great relationship with each other, then keep enjoying each others company.


For the Scorpio, it is important that you examine your life for futile ventures. If you have a barrage of them, then it is advisable that you really begin to look into what your past life looks like. Fortunately for you, this card does that already for you. It says that in your previous life you had made some vows concerning some life issues. These issues could be based on religion, marriage, social status, poverty, to some monarch etc. Well, the key to unlocking your present self from such vows would be that you denounce it in the present. Say to yourself that you are no more obliged to keep whatever vows I was sworn to in the past. When you have severed yourself from those ancient connections, you will find that your misfortune becomes history. You will be freed to live the happy life you deserve.


For the Sagittarius, your card shows that your romantic relationship today is suffering from some kind of past transgressions. It is important that you begin to reevaluate yourself, your actions and the decisions you make as it concerns your significant other in the relationship. It is very likely that some betrayal in your ancient life still has lingering effects on your life today. Maybe you and your partner have some unfinished business that needs to be sorted out. You have to have such discussions with your partner and trash this issues out. Only then can you be free to love as selflessly as your zodiac sign allows you to.


This card suggests that your aggression and anger are just symptoms of an even bigger problem. You may have been unjustly treated in the past. You may have had your possessions forcefully taken from you and that has formed some deep-seated resentment and shame in you. So that in the present you find yourself hyper-vigilant and aggressive. You pursue your goals with an extra edge of revenge that seems not to have any known source. Although that has served you well in becoming a high achiever, it has also left a trail of bad blood in relationships you have left behind. It is important that you find a way to let it go. Allow yourself to forgive and forget about the misgivings of the past, it doesn’t make it right but it allows you to move on to better things in your life. Release that anger so you vocab grasps onto some of the finest things in life.


For the Aquarius, you are who you are because of your bravery in times past. You were a warrior true and true. You were also a man who commanded respect in our society, because of your good heart. You often were against injustice and you fought for the downtrodden, in the society. Your strength and empathy are a combination that can work seamlessly together when you pursue goals that tend to help humanity. Your life today may already bear testament to this fact if you see yourself looking for jobs that make you protect people from harm. Such as a human rights lawyer, a police officer, a clergyman or a doctor. Some people may have referred to you as someone with a God complex. Not in a proud narcissistic way, but in the same way as someone who wants to save everybody. It is important that you hold your values today as you had done in the past. And continue to do the best you can to truly make the world a better place.


For the Pisces, the cards tell of a past life that had something to transport. Or, you had a liking for mechanical things in the past. Maybe, you were an engineer in a reasonably sophisticated civilization of old. Whatever your past holds must be of dear importance to you today. Venture into fields that help that part of your blossom. Push the boundaries and perhaps you would invent something that changes the course of history in a good way.

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