Banker Finds Out His Wife Is Having An Affair For 10 Years, Then Writes This On Facebook

We spend our whole lives planing what’s going to happen next, not minding that all we have, and will always have is the present.

We get caught up so much in the future that we forget how to live. We also forget that we have this one life to live, and if we let it slip away there is no going back…

What you’re about to read is a Heartbreaking Facebook post, and it can teach us a lot about the dreams we have, but always postpone.

In fact, it does teach us that we ourselves are the only enemy and the one responsible for the unfulfilled dreams.

I got teary eyed reading this heartbreaking post, but it really did change my entire perspective on life!

I hope it will change your perspective too, and if it does, please Share It with your Friends and Family!

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