15 Terrible Mistakes That Make A Women Want To Leave

There are very few things as hard as finding true love, and even fewer are half as hard as finding the right woman for you. If you are not on top of your game, you might struggle to keep her. This could be because she doesn’t see you as a compatible partner although you see her as such. Now, keeping your relationship with the woman of your dreams could be an uphill battle since you aren’t aware of what she feels about you and your decisions in the relationship. But listed below are the 15 mistakes to avoid when dating the woman of your dreams.

Don’t be a coward

No woman admires a man who displays cowardice. You have to develop the intestinal fortitude to tackle your problems. If your girl notices that you don’t approach your problems in this manner, she will begin to lose her image of you as the dominant male. And believe you me, that won’t be the only thing to fade. Her respect and attraction to you go too.

Don’t be angry

This advice is uniquely tailored to the onset of most relationships, if you begin to show that you are very aggressive, then that would shape the image your girlfriend has of you. Remember that at this point, your partner is yet to build a strong trust with you. Then you would make your partner hesitant to trust you. In fact, she would begin to lose interest in you while reevaluating her decisions to be with you.


This has nothing to do with your net worth, competence, and hard work is significant to the rich and the poor. It is a sign of a responsible man. Your partner would continually size your competence, to know if you are capable enough to take care of her offspring. She wants to be assured that her kids would live in a safe and comfortable home.

Don’t tell lies

Stop with the lies. It never serves you any benefit in the long term. When you tell your girlfriend lies, she will begin to question your every move and the intentions behind it. That would lead to quarrels and finally separation. So be wise, the truth hurts but lies to more harm.

Don’t become overly obsessive.

Please behave like an adult male who is secure and disciplined. When you text her, give her space to reply. It may to be immediate – I mean life happens, she might be catching a bus or at a company meeting. If you guys are in good terms, she will reply. What is not lovely is opening your phone to see a bunch of missed calls and texts spanning from the reason you called in the first place through all the varying degrees of anxiety to outright outbursts of anger. It doesn’t show you are mature and patience. And your nasty obsessive behavior is creepy.

Don’t be unhealthy jealous.

While it is good to be protective of your partner – as it shows that you are committed and invested enough in the relationship to fight for it when you take it to a whole new level by watching her every move things will turn sour. She would grow tired of such behavior and would leave you eventually.

Look attractive

Yes, we know that not everyone has the same body type. But being obsessed is not attractive as well. Lose weight and stay in shape. That is first a boost to your health and then your ego, as that helps you stay attractive to your girlfriend. If she sees that you aren’t doing anything about your weight, she may decide to leave as a result of being bored with you.

Show her respect

You have to recognize that your girlfriend is a much as an individual as you are and that should reflect in your decision-making process at all times when you do that you are showing your respect for her as a person. That would be more effective than just saying that you respect her. Now, who doesn’t want to stay in a place where they are appreciated and loved? Put two and two together; I’ve got this. Make the relationship environment so right that she wouldn’t dream of a better place to stay than anywhere with you.

Not being manly enough

Look, at the core of the relationship, a woman will want her man to be a man. Someone who can bear the responsibility of carrying and leading her in the relationship. And to do that, you have to develop the qualities that great leaders have. They include a sense of purpose or drive, physical strength, strong will, strong self-confidence, and compassion. You can’t always be needy; she wouldn’t like that. She would eventually become wary of your neediness and find the exit door.

Not being the ‘alpha male.’

This has nothing to do with sexism; this is the biological and psychological fact. Women gravitate towards strong men. Men who have the potential to stick up for them when the world attacks her. That was the only way women of old could ensure that her kids won’t be killed. And that has been encoded in our DNA today. You can’t be a wimp and still have that amazing girlfriend by your side all the time. She would want to be assured that you can face your problems head-on and without fear. That is a mark of the alpha male. You should also be able to defend her and your decision to be with her, in front of strong opposing arguments and your peer’s snide remarks.

Not giving her enough attention.

You have to know that women love to be noticed and your girlfriend would want to know or be assured that your love is unwavering from time to time. Try to be there for her, don’t get lost in your job. If she doesn’t see you often, she would be forced to consider leaving you, and in no time she would heed that consideration. To solve this problem, always keep in touch with her. Constant and effective communication solves a lot of relationship problems.

Knowing when she wants your help

She may be offended by your attempt at helping her with the littlest of things, and that could be Saba result of her wanting always to feel independent. When she is in some real trouble, then she would expect that you help her out there. The trick at this point is to find out when she is in real need of your help.

Not sexually satisfying her

That is a huge part of a relationship and when it isn’t done right, its consequences could show up in improbable places in the relationship. That could include frustrations and unnecessary anger. If you don’t satisfy your girlfriend’s sexual needs, then you won’t have her for long. She would grow dissatisfied with you in all ramifications and would eventually call it quits with you.

Not complimenting her often.

Every human being loves to be appreciated, and that includes complimenting them. When you are continually complimenting your girlfriend in a job well done, then she would be motivated to do more. She would realize how much she has grown as an individual since she started staying with you. That would make her stay with you even more.

Being a cheater

That is a real heartbreaker. No woman wants to be cheated on. She wouldn’t approve that her partner – in whom she has invested her time, energy and resources into, to leave her for another woman while still in a relationship with her. It is never cool for you to cheat on your lady, that is betrayal at a very high level. So it is essential to be disciplined so that fleeting moments of pleasure don’t destroy a relationship that took quite a lot of time and sacrifices to build. Staying faithful is one way to remain attractive to your partner. They also build trust and love in the relationship.

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