12 Reasons Why Older Men Go For Younger Women

Maybe this has never crossed your mind, but I do sometimes wonder why older men date younger women. Situations like this can raise mixed feelings in the court of public opinion. While some people have no problem with it, others instantly show disdain for the behavior and condemn it.

Aside from the extremities of this phenomena, the truth of the matter is that men like to date women who are younger than they are. It is a universal thing. And there are reasons why this happens.

In this article, we would be exploring 12 of them. [

#1 For the stamina

This is a no-brainer. The younger you are the more flexible and energetic you will be. When it comes to sex, youth and health play a big role in how long it lasts.

Young ladies aren’t burdened with body aches and other health problems that older women tend to have. And so they are usually better in bed as a result. This is a very big reason why older men prefer to date younger women instead of their counterparts.

#2 Mid-life crisis

Another reason why men date younger women is that they are having a mid-life crisis.

See, when men get to a certain age, and they don’t feel like they have gotten the kind of success or achievement that they perceive they should have, they begin to fall into depression. They lose their self-esteem and shy away from women their age.

Then they may begin to go for younger women as a way to prop of their self-esteem and have some feeling of accomplishment.

#3 Younger women are perkier

Yes, Men go for younger women because they are a lot more attractive than their older counterparts.

Men are moved by aesthetics and being physically attractive is a major factor that draws them to women. And since younger women are a lot fitter and more aesthetically beautiful, men tend to date them more than they would older women.

Also, older men are attracted to young women because they are more enthusiastic, positive about the future and open-minded to new ideas or experiences.

Meanwhile, that isn’t always the case for older women as they tend to be set in their ways and resist change.

#4 Younger women don’t commit

For older men who are looking for fleeting relationships, this is the perfect deal for them. They aren’t into the committing business and will run from whatever shows that their relationships are heading in that direction.

Older women have their priorities set somewhere else when it comes to relationships. They are done with fast-food relationships and now want something they can build on. And so when dating an older woman, the man must have his act in order. He must be planning towards the future, and his actions should reflect that.

But when it comes to young ladies, they just want to have fun. They are in-the-moment types of people who don’t mind jumping from one relationship to another. So older men tend to go for that since that eliminates the pressure of committing when they aren’t sure if they really want to be with that person in a relationship or marriage.

#5 Anonymity

Anonymity is a quite a big factor when it comes to older men dating younger women. Both of them usually have different social circles, and so their friends and acquaintances hardly intercept. And so they don’t have to go through all the social pressures of having their relationship in the open. This allows the relationship grow through tough times and blossom.

#6 Younger women are more flexible

As stated in the above points, being young plays a big role in open-mindedness and agility. When it comes to sex, younger women tend to be more accepting of sexual activities that might seem foreign to them at first. They also have the ability to perform better at these activities as a result of their youthfulness.

Therefore older men who still have sexual fantasies yet to be played out will naturally gravitate towards younger women who are more receptive to these fantasies.

The opposite can only be said of older women as they have had a lot of life experiences and are now set in their ways.

#7 Much less work

Responsibility is proportional to work.

When it comes to relationships, there are a lot of investments each partner has to make. The resources to be invested may include time, emotions, etc. Since relationships with younger women tend to be shallow and fleeting, older men who don’t want the heavy responsibilities that come with most mature relationships tend to go for younger women who don’t require them to carry any yokes.

In such a relationship, they don’t have to worry about its future or being stuck with someone they don’t want to be with.

And so that amounts to less work. This is a very big motivating factor behind older men dating much younger women.

#8 Lesser responsibility

Continuing from the point stated above, as much as older men date younger women for the no-strings-attached benefits they get in such a relationship, it also plays into the younger ladies wants too.

See, they are at a point in their lives when finding themselves and their passions or pursuing a career is of more importance than committing to a relationship. And so they barely put much thought into the relationships they have. They could easily move from one to another if they feel it isn’t right for them.

#9 Being in charge

In a relationship dynamic such as this, the older man is most certainly more experienced and wiser than his younger partner, and so naturally he gets to make most of the decisions in the relationship.

And so older men who don’t want to be opposed tend to gravitate towards such relationships where their actions or motives are hardly ever questioned.

For other men, dating a younger inexperienced woman makes it easier to lead in the relationship since one is more open to being led.

#10 Feeds into the ego

When an older guy dates a young woman and makes it public, there is a big chance that he is seeking social validation and an ego boost from the public.

Now, that doesn’t mean that everyone who sees it will give him overwhelming applause. A lot of people will disapprove of it, but usually, such men don’t mind the public frown if it gives them some type of notoriety or attention.

Also when a young woman dates an older man, she could go the extra mile to please him and hence make him feel good about himself.

And so they tend to seek that ego boost by dating younger women.

#11 Low rejection rates

A lot of young women tend to go for older guys when it comes to relationships. Most of the times, older men are the ones that have their acts together. They are a lot more mature, have a solid career and are wealthier than their younger counterparts.

And that makes them attractive to young women.

Also on the part of the men, not only are they drawn to beauty and youth of younger women, but they also know that these women want to them. And so the rate of rejection is very low.

#12 Adventure

Everyone loves adventure, and the thought of stepping outside your comfort zone can be exciting.

And that doesn’t exclude older men who get excited at the thought of stepping outside their age group to date someone of a much younger age group.

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