Florida Man Stand Aside. Colorado Man Attacked By Mountain Lion And He Kills It With His Bare Hands

A trail runner was attacked by a mountain lion Monday during a jog at a Colorado park. He managed to kill the cougar by suffocating it, state wildlife officials said.

The guy, who identity has not been released was jogging in Horsetooth Mountain Park where he was brutally assaulted from behind, according to a Colorado Parks and Wildlife release.

The man told authorities he heard something behind him on the trail as he turned, he was attacked. He explained he was bitten on his face and wrist but managed to fight and break loose from the lion. While defending himself, he also killed the lion in self-defense.

The man received puncture wounds and lacerations but is doing well and recovering from his wounds. He hiked down the trail and drove himself to a local hospital, according to wildlife officials.

Wildlife officers found the mountain lion dead near where the incident took place.

“The runner did everything he could to save his life,” said Mark Leslie, CPW’s Northeast Region manager. “In the event of a lion attack, you need to do anything in your power to fight back just as this gentleman did.”

Officials said Tuesday that the mountain lion was under a year old and weighed less than 100 lbs.

The mountain lion tested negative for rabies, but other diseases haven’t yet been ruled out since CPW hasn’t yet finished its investigation.

The favorite park’s lower and upper parking lots were closed Tuesday afternoon, based on Larimer County Natural Resources.

The park had reopened late Monday afternoon after it had been decided that the runner killed the horse.

While mountain lion attacks are very uncommon in Colorado, the previous two deadly attacks have happened in Larimer County, based on CPW spokeswoman Rebecca Ferrell.

Back in October of 1999, 3-year-old Jaryd Atadero was murdered on the Big South Trail in the top Poudre Canyon west of Fort Collins. Back in July of 1997, 10-year-old Mark Miedema was killed by a mountain lion at Rocky Mountain National Park.

Back in 1991, a runner had been murdered by a lion while running above Clear Creek High School in Idaho Springs.

The final reported non-fatal assault has been reported June of 2016 at Pitkin County.

CPW said over 20 deadly mountain lion attacks on people have been reported in North America within the past 100 decades. Since 1990, 16 people are hurt from mountain lion attacks in Colorado and three deaths. Mountain lions have been known to be more active in and around Fort Collins. CPW shot and killed a mountain lion north of Wellington at November 2017 after it killed goats and alpacas in the region.

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