6 Celebrities Who Ditched Hollywood For A Different Life

People far and wide dream of going to Hollywood and becoming a famous actor or actress. But throughout the years, some have achieved this dream, just to turn around and leave everything behind for a different endeavor.

Regardless of how glamours Hollywood may appear, the celebrity lifestyle is not for everybody. Because of this, numerous popular actors and actresses have discovered success in the industry simply to disappear and concentrate their time, energy and ability everywhere. To assist peak curiosity about those showbusiness anomalies below is a rundown of the top 6 celebrities to turn their backs on Hollywood:

Jack Gleeson

Everyone recalls Gleeson for bringing life to possibly the most maniacal and unkind characters to hit TV screens as King Joffrey Baratheon in HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” Gleeson’s personality was a breakout hit, which most lovers imputed to his impeccable acting ability. But, unlike a lot of characters that have met their death on the show, Gleeson did not parlay the livelihood wind in his back to other acting jobs. Instead, he chose to retire from the business completely and concentrate rather on his studies.

Gleeson graduated from Trinity College in Dublin in 2015 with a double major in theology and philosophy. Even though Gleeson continues to contemplate his next venture, supporters will be pleased to know he did not walk away from creative ventures completely. He co-founded the Collapsing Horse theater firm and proceeds to perform work on stage whilst living a significantly quieter life in London than he probably would have experienced in Hollywood.

Greta Garbo

After being one of Hollywood’s most iconic and recognizable celebrities in the 1930s, Garbo suddenly finished her career after getting a remarkably bad reception for her final film, “Two Faced Woman.” Following that, Garbo went into what many expected to be a temporary hiatus from the spotlight. But she leaned to her natural tendencies toward reclusiveness and ended up retiring from acting following 16 decades and 27 films.

Before calling it quits on the huge screen, Garbo was well known for not answering fan mail, attending premieres or engaging in interviews with the media.

“I think people have heard the name (Garbo) but I’m not sure that a lot of people out there know and appreciate what she meant as an actress,” TMC vice president Charlie Tabesh previously said of Garbo. “I love that her intelligence is very attractive. It’s not just her face which is gorgeous, it’s that she’s attractive in a much fuller way than that.”

Garbo died at age 84, sticking to her promise to speak and interact in the public eye as little as possible following her decision to leave Hollywood in her wake.

Angus T. Jones

Jones became a family name in 2003 at age of nine when he was cast alongside Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer on “Two and a Half Men.” The series became an instant hit and monopolized all Jones’ youth. But after he and his character graduated high school and began to embrace more mature storylines, he discovered it more-and-more hard to reconcile his insatiable religion with the frequently lewd humor of this sequence. Matters came to a head when he looked at a YouTube movie to examine his religion where he encouraged fans to quit watching the series and confessed that he did not need to be on it.

“If you watch ‘Two and a Half Men,’ please stop watching ‘Two and a Half Men.’ I’m on ‘Two and a Half Men’ and I don’t want to be on it. Please stop watching it and filling your head with filth. People say it’s just entertainment. Do some research on the effects of television and your brain, and I promise you, you’ll have a decision to make when it comes to television, especially with what you watch.”

After the conclusion of Season 10, Jones left the Series for good and started studying in the University of Colorado in Boulder. At a 2016 meeting with Folks, he did his very best to walk back his prior statements regarding the sitcom and TV generally.

“I got pretty doomsday with my thinking for a long time, but now I’m having fun and enjoying where I’m at,” Jones admitted. “I no longer feel like every step I take is on a landmine.”

Bettie Page

Called the first pinup girl, Bettie Page climbed to fame as a sex symbol frequently credited with sparking the sexual revolution that marked the 1960s. She brought nationwide attention for her string of photo shoots where she presented in bikinis, translucent lingerie and sometimes nothing whatsoever. Finally, she grabbed the attention of Playboy and was awarded a January centerfold in 1955, rocketing her into new heights of vulnerability and stardom.

“I think that she was a remarkable lady, an iconic figure in pop culture who influenced sexuality, taste in fashion, someone who had a tremendous impact on our society,” Playboy founder Hugh Hefner said at the time of her death. “She was a very dear person.”

Before her passing in 2008, Page basically up and disappeared from the public eye. She finally resurfaced and it was finally demonstrated that not only was she battling psychological illness, but had turned into a born-again Christian. Consequently, the star confessed her newfound religion conflicted with the way she was able to go about earning money.

“When I gave my life to the Lord I began to think he disapproved of all those nude pictures of me,” she told Playboy the year she died.

Rick Moranis

Known for the breakout comedy characters in movies such as “Ghostbusters”, “Little Shop of Horror,”, “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” and “The Flinstones”. Rick Moranis retired by the public life. Rather than pursuing onscreen functions, he threw his entire weight to voice acting and raising his kids. Sadly, the movement was from necessity in several ways since the actor found himself as a single parent in 1991 after his wife died of cancer. Luckily, Moranis was satisfied with all the new life beyond the public spotlight and continued to adopt the more secluded lifestyle.

“I pulled out of making movies in about ’96 or ’97. I’m a single parent, and I just found that it was too difficult to manage raising my kids and to do the traveling involved in making movies. So I took a little bit of a break. And the little bit of a break turned into a longer break, and then I found that I really didn’t miss it,” he previously told USA Today.

Luckily for fans of the comedic actor, he will never admit that he’s retired fully. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in 2015, he admitted that he still gets offered roles and that he’s simply very, very picky about what he’ll put his face to. For more than two decades, it seems, nothing has properly piqued his interest.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Jonathan Taylor Thomas was a teenage heartthrob from the 1990s, landing roles like expressing young Simba in “The Lion King” and onscreen experiences such as “Tom and Huck.” But he is best known as the middle kid on the hugely successful Tim Allen-led sitcom “Home Improvement.” He is also famous for leaving the favorite sitcom in Season 8, just to go back for a one time Christmas event. The celebrity, at that time, wanted to focus on academics and invested his time because of the time studying at Harvard, Columbia and St. Andrew’s University in Scotland

“To sit in a big library amongst books and students, that was pretty cool,” Thomas told People in 2013. “It was a novel experience for me.”

He continued: “It was a great period in my life, but it doesn’t define me. When I think back on the time, I look at it with a wink. I focus on the good moments I had, not that I was on a lot of magazine covers.”

Since stepping away from acting, Taylor Thomas has made minor returns here and there, most notably reuniting with his on-screen dad for a cameo in his new show, “Last Man Standing.”

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