Student, 20, Passes In His Sleep After Eating Pasta That Was Left Out In The Kitchen For Five Days

Supposedly he became very sick and felt very poor, so he went to bed to try and sleep it off but his parents were shocked to find he had passed away by morning.

A 20-year-old college student died after eating a bowl of pasta he had left in his kitchen for a minimum of five days, according to reports. The student, identified only as AJ, from Brussels, Belgium, fell ill after swallowing the leftover spaghetti, that had been created five days before and has been kept at room temperature. The incident happened in October 2008.

He became seriously sick and went to bed to try to sleep it off. The following morning his parents were shocked to find him dead in his bed. The episode unfolded when he arrived home from college and allegedly heated the spaghetti in the microwave oven and ate it before heading outside to play sports. He returned home only half an hour later after feeling ill. AJ was allegedly suffering from migraines, stomach pain, and nausea, he also threw up for many hours prior to falling asleep around midnight, the Daily Mail reported.

AJ’s body has been discovered by his parents following 11 hours later, when they became worried and decided to check on him after he did not get up for school. An autopsy later revealed he died suddenly from food poisoning, which had been brought on by bacteria known as bacillus cereus. The specific bacteria is a spore-forming one which creates toxins and causes nausea and vomiting.

Though AJ experienced these signs, he presumed it was a normal bout of food poisoning and drank a great deal of water, without requiring any drugs. The pasta leftovers were sent for evaluation to the National Reference Laboratory for Food-borne Outbreaks at which it had been allegedly revealed that the toxins in the germs were so powerful they caused his liver to fail in his sleep and finally led to his departure.

The case was originally featured at the US Journal of Clinical Microbiology. The journal clarified how the damaging germs caused the 20-year-old’s liver to close down.

A licensed practitioner, Dr Bernard, who studies and shares such medical cases found around the world, said: “Many people eat pasta, or any other form of noodles, that are leftover for a day or two and they’re fine, but be careful of food left out for more than a few hours. If the food smells funny, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.”

Multiple people took to social media to share their views about the incident, with many not showing sympathy for the man. “I don’t know why anyone would leave perishable food in the kitchen for 5 days and think it’s okay to still eat it,” one user on Twitter wrote.

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