A Reality Show Where Flat-Earthers Search for the Planet’s Edge Could Be in the Works

There are fewer groups of ppl who have been roasted more online than the Flat Earth Society, and the most recent mockery of this team has taken on the kind of a strange of types: granting them their own reality TV show.

It is true we learn from a really young age: that the Earth is round. This fact was confirmed innumerable times. Christopher Columbus did it before embarking his eponymous rampage. Heck, even Greek scholar Pythagoras suspected earth was round just from observing the way shadows are cast.

However, a rising number of folks have convinced themselves that the Earth is flat. There are a ridiculous number of YouTube clips and website articles filled with conspiracy theories about “them” or even “the government” covering up the truth that our world really has an edge you can fall off.

An agency or secret society could do this or what they’d gain from perpetuating such a fantasy for so long is anybody’s guess, but it still has not stopped a growing number of individuals from devoting tens of tens of thousands of decades of scientific study, empirical evidence, and encounters, and insisting the world is flat.

It’s easy to see why many individuals have a field day with poking fun at the flat-earthers online, particularly with the bevy of proof demonstrating how wrong they are. Folks simply can not get enough of seeing a lot of deluded conspiracy theorists constantly defying facts, which is likely why there is a massive requirement now to get a flat-earther reality TV show.

In the planned program, members of this flat-earth motion would get the tools they will need to try to discover the projected “edge” of the entire world. The idea was initially floated by a Redditor and individuals are operating with it.

Some have suggested upping the ante: give the group $500,000 for getting to the bottom of things — or edge, instead — of the entire flat Earth conspiracy. If they are ready to demonstrate that the Earth is really not round, the flat-earth group could earn a cool $5 million. When/If they don’t, then they will be made to pay the $500k back.

Honestly, I’d just watch a reality TV show about them scrambling to make that money after they’re proven wrong. It’s a win-win.

And although it seems like the flat-earth movement is a recent phenomenon, people have been pushing this idea for a long, long time. Just look at this map from 1893 entitled, “The Square and Stationary Earth.”

When that map came out, people had already been going around and around the world for hundreds of years.

Among the silliest aspects of the whole flat-Earth fiasco is the quantity of art and”renderings” individuals have been disseminating as early as 1806 – that’s just how far back the”Flat Earth Society” dates back, formally speaking.

In case you’re wondering, the Flat Earth Society is very, very serious about their convictions and have listed as such online. You can check out their website here.

As of now, a production company hasn’t picked up the idea, but that hasn’t stopped a steady group of Redditorsfrom constantly pushing to make it happen. Would you be interested in checking out a reality show about a rag-tag group of adventurers hell bent on proving the world is flat?

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