Huge 7ft Wolf Chases a Brave Dog In The Woods

In the forests of northern Saskatchewan, Canada, footage was obtained a few years back of a dog who used some unbelievable lightning reflexes to escape from a huge wolf chasing him close to a fishing lodge.

The footage starts with the focus aiming in at a dark shape in the undergrowth of the woods. The shape is that of a huge monster which the dog began to bark at it.

Without a minute’s notice, the massive wolf that was jet black ran toward the dog. The dog began to bark more intensively as the animal got closer to him.

The size of this black wolf is unbelievably massive.

After a moment the wolf started backing away from the dog, also of considerable size.

Sadly the wolf struck again and the video cuts when the dog yelps and the owner of the dog and man shooting the video, who was breathing heavily out of anxiety as the video was shot, shouts out “Hey!”

According to Unilad:

“The brave white dog wasn’t too deterred by the wolf’s initial pounce, and ran after it into the trees. However, the wolf seemed to turn back on its competition, and the camera loses focus as the dog’s barks begin to sound pained.

The man behind the camera started to shout at the two animals, yelling out ‘hey!’, presumably in an attempt to stop them from fighting?

The dog could be heard yelping, but then the camera cuts off. Unfortunately, it’s not known what happened to the smaller dog after the video ended.”

The dog is probably safe based on the way the man originally posed it to social media, but this is in the opinion of someone who doesn’t know all that much about wolves.

The predator seems to be a Canadian Black Timberwolf, as they are sometimes referred to. They are simply referred to as Black Wolves by others.

Wolves continue to be seen in Canada. ALast year, a woman on her way to work in the Northwest Territories of Canada captured on film the moment when giant, black wolves started sprinting alongside her car.

Initially Rhonda Miller thought the wolves sprinting alongside her car was one man walking bizarrely.

“I thought that was strange because you don’t normally see people walking on the road that far out,” she told CBC.

“I slowed down a bit and I got closer. I thought it was a bear, and I thought, it can’t be a bear because it was the wrong time of year.

My body immediately became afraid… I was so struck by the size of their heads and their jaws,” she continued.

The wolf is a monster that is terrifying. It is interesting to consider canines, modern day”man’s best friend” puppies have procreated and accommodated over time, while wolves have gone really a different way from domestication. Or wolves are nearly as barbarous as they were and have not changed.

A very strange debate is opened whenever people discuss predatory species, or introduced species.

Some officials and people in positions of power really want to poison, and on a genocidal level, kill off entire species in certain regions, like in New Zealand with the “Predator Free 2050” program and the use of 1080-poison.

Some might argue nature tends to take care of itself without a need for human beings to try and engineer the outcome.

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