Endangered And Extremely Rare ‘Magic Rabbit’ Spotted For The First Time In Decades

While most people know of this dire state that the populations of animals like the giant panda, the African elephant, as well as the Siberian tiger, are in, there is another monster that organizations like the WWF do not broadcast as much; the magic rabbit. This small, cute creature has only been seen for the first time in almost two decades! A picture of this magic rabbit can be viewed below.

What is this mysterious creature?

The magical bunny is native to the Tianshan mountain range in the Xinjiang region of northwestern China. Also referred to as the Ili Pika, it was initially found in 1983 but many individuals are unaware that it exists. Estimations put the amount of magical rabbits alive in the world is less than 1000 and this amount is decreasing every day. In reality, if it were not for this sighting, specialists would have thought that it had disappeared entirely since it has not been viewed for twenty long years.

How was it discovered if it’s so rare?

The Ili Pika has gained a reputation among the pros studying it because of its evasive character. In reality, only 29 have been seen in the wild since its discovery in 1983 by Weidong Li. This makes it incredibly difficult, nearly impossible in actuality, to research it and completely understand its behaviour and its ecology.

Weidong Li is a scientist from the Xinjiang Institute for Ecology and Geography and he is the individual who found this strange animal. He also is the individual who re-discovered it, which can be quite a poetic complete circle. He had been determined to discover another one from the wild and assembled volunteers to go looking for it. It was discovered hiding behind a stone and Li managed to snap a few photos of it (see above).

Isn’t this good news?

Although it’s great that it’s been re-discovered, it’s still far at the conclusion of its own battle. It is projected that the population has dropped almost 70% since its discovery nearly 36 years back because of climate change and habitat destruction – deforestation, urbanization, etc.. Li says he discovered it and he will feel so guilty when he sees it going extinct too so he’s going to do everything in his power to be certain that does not occur.

A video on the magic rabbit can be viewed above, a very interesting watch indeed. The Ili Pika is certainly a very cute animal. Sadly it’s extremely endangered though and so no one can be 100% sure of its fate. All we can do now is hope and pray that the work of experts such as Li and other environmentalists is enough to save this rare, beautiful creature from permanent extinction…


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