‘Bikini Hiker’ Freezes To Death After Falling From Taiwan Mountain

A Taiwanese hiker who turned into a social networking superstar after posing in bikinis on mountain summits has died after falling into a ravine at Taiwan’s Yushan National Park while she was out climbing all by herself. In a meeting this past year, Gigi Wu, 36, clarified that she began modeling in bikinis on the summit of hills she’d climbed after she lost a bet, along with also a substantial social networking existence shortly followed.

According to local press reports, Gigi was able to use her satellite phone on Saturday to inform friends she had fallen some 20 to 30 meters down a ravine and couldn’t move the lower half of her body, and provided coordinates to her location.

The rescue helicopters tried searching the summits for several hours several different times but due to bad weather, they failed to reach her. Eventually after an extended period of time, they were able to locate her body on Monday. Believing Gigi passed due to exposure of the weather elements.


Posted by Gigi Wu on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

“The weather conditions in the mountains are not good, we have asked our rescuers to move the body to a more open space and after the weather clears we will make a request for a helicopter to bring the body down,” Lin Cheng-yi of Nantou County Fire and Rescue Services told reporters.

Lin further clarified that following efforts by helicopter collapsed, their best rescue team improved for 28 hours to attempt to get to the girl, just sleeping for a couple hours due to the plummeting temperatures.

Prior in an interview that GiGi did with her local channel FTV in the past year, she claimed that she has climbed well over 100 peaks in the past four years.

“I put on a bikini in each one of the 100 mountains. I only have around 97 bikinis so I accidentally repeated some,” she said.

When asked why she did it, she replied: “It just looks so beautiful, what’s not to like?”

BBC reports that more than 1,000 people have commented on Gigi’s Facebook page with messages of tribute.

One user wrote, “Beautiful and brave little G… thank you for letting everyone see your beautiful scenic photos.”

Another added, “Gigi, thank you for filling us all with happiness – I wish you happy travels.”

Gigis death follows the similar death of an Instagram travel blogger couple in Yosemite National Park a week prior. The couple, who had been considered to have been drunk at the time, plunged 800 ft to their deaths while attempting to have a photograph. Meenakshi Moorthy, 30, and her husband Vishnu Viswanath, 29, died of”multiple injuries to the head, chest, neck and stomach,” using their tripod located close to the ledge in which they dropped.

“It gets dark extremely fast there, especially with the time change; it is very dangerous to not travel with a headlamp or flashlight at any time,” warned Drea Rose Laguillo, a hiker who is believed to have been the last person to see the couple alive. “I personally have been stuck in the dark there about three times unexpectedly, so that is the last place you would want to be as the sun is going down.”

In a post from July 2017, the couple celebrated their wedding anniversary by skydiving in Santa Barbara, California. Moorthy posted a video on Instagram that shows her in a t-shirt saying, “Gimme Danger,” and giving a thumbs-up sign as she jumped from the plane.

She posted, “I believe I can flyyy. I believe i can touch the skyyy. ‘Aaaand touch the sky I did from an effin’ 18,000 feet thanks to the unconditional love-ninja in my life, Vishnu, who literally took this year’s anniversary surprise a notch ‘higher’ than last year’s hot air ballooning adventure, by gifting this adrenaline junkie with one of the highest tandem skydives in the world!”

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