DMC Is Resurrecting One Of The Most Famous Cars: The DeLorean

For many, Back To The Future is a film they know well, in particular, the iconic car that is featured – The DeLorean.

The DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) is bringing the automobile back that was created and became so popular nearly 3 decades back by revamping the motor and giving it a fresh new lease of life. CEO Stephen Wynne intends to turn the DMC headquarters to the new factory for the resurrected car. At present, the factory is being used to fix and restore the originals back to their former glory.

DMC Is Resurrecting One Of The Most Famous Cars In Movie History

In The Beginning

The DeLorean was not a very successful car when it first came out. After manufacturing the gullwing DMC-12 which initially began in 1981 under the oversight of John Z. DeLorean. Cost started to overrun things and made it become hurried into the market and at over twice the initial asking price. Because of this, only half of those anticipated sales happened.

By 1982, the business was almost going to announce bankruptcy and DeLorean himself was getting pulled into legal difficulties. The guy and the automobile hit rock bottom. In 1985 nevertheless, the futuristic-looking automobile was featured in the movie ‘Back To The Future’ and its subsequent sequels. It’s become an iconic object of movie history.

The Come-Back

Wynn is a Liverpool native who moved to the US in 1980 to work on cars such as Lotus, Jaguar, and Renault. He saw an opportunity in the DeLorean. In 1997, Wynn took a gamble. he managed to put a deal together to re-acquire all the seized inventory DeLorean still had when they went bust a decade and a half ago. To accommodate the huge numbers of stock, Wynn bought a warehouse in Humble, Texas. Today, they are used in the more than one hundred restorations done every year.

The Resurrection

Wynn intends to draw back the DeLorean into the world. With enough first components coming able to construct 350-400 cars right away, it’s absolutely a possibility. He was also hoping to attract back some ex-lotus staff to assist with the re-engineering of the vehicle. In particular, the engine, to change it from a 130 horsepower one to a modern 300-400 horsepower one.

But they will not come cheap. With all the parts as well as the labor, the final price is expected to exceed $100,000. Furthermore, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is yet to present certain regulations and guidelines so if production were to proceed, they would not even be able to be marketed in the US which would restrict the market to Europe and Asia.

Wynn predicts that with enough planning, the re-release of this iconic car will go smoothly. That was the downfall of the original release he said. They went from zero to production in 22 months – it was rushed. I for one am certainly looking forward to seeing the new car and will be holding my breath for its release. Hopefully, it won’t be long now!




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