Man Claims To Have Lost His Virginity To An Alien And Now He Paints About It

David Huggins is the guy who claims to have lost his virginity by having sex with an extraterrestrial when he was only 17. Now he paints images of this odd sexual experience. While everybody’s first time is assumed to be unforgettable, his was one which will stick with him eternally.

What happened?

In a documentary called ‘Love and Saucers’, the 74-year old man described how he lost his virginity to a female alien when he was 17 years old. The act in question allegedly took place in 1961 on Huggins parents’ farm in a rural Georgia. Despite this encounter being of particular importance to David, aliens have been appearing to him since he was eight. This time though the female alien managed to seduce him.

Was this the only encounter?

According to Huggins, the event that finished in the loss of his virginity wasn’t a one-off event. His sexual connection with all the extraterrestrials continued into adulthood and the most recent one was only six months ago using Crescent – his title for those girls in the forests.

The Paintings

Huggins has been painting the relations that he has with his alien partner. The very first painting he did was of the sex he had when he lost his virginity. It depicts David with the female alien on top of him and can be seen below.

The painting of the encounters were described as a release for David Huggins. It’s a sort of art therapy. The images of what happened to him were building up and he didn’t know what to make of them. One day, he got a message from the mysterious beings suggesting he paints what he sees. After that, everything got better. He was able to sleep for the first time in weeks and come to peace with what was happening to him.

Is it real?

The most peculiar thing about this odd story is that David Huggins completely and full heartly believes everything he says. When most individuals who manufacture these types of stories, they are searching for media focus and intent on making everyone believe what they’re saying, Huggins does not care whether anyone thinks he is telling the truth or not. His work is for his benefit

More images of his paintings can be seen below.

Whether or not you believe it yourself, there’s one person who definitely does – David. He’s not the only one either, there are many other people who believe he It telling the truth and that he really did lose his virginity to an alien. Perhaps he is someone who is telling the truth and maybe, just maybe, this is proof of intelligent life on other planets…

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