New Research Confirms Dogs And Cats Can See Spirits And Frequencies That Humans Can Not

Have you ever had an experience that goes like this? Perhaps you are watching a movie with your pet dog or cat on your lap or just doing something random at home like folding the laundry. Then all of a sudden your pet dog stiffens and begins to growl at something but when you look you only see emptiness and you tell them to stop making a racket for nothing, but then you feel a chill of fear down your back. Somehow, somewhere you might have heard people say that animals especially dogs and cats can see other beings that we can’t see on our own and you might have thought it was just an old wives tale. What if it has been backed by science that animals like cats and dogs can and do see different frequencies than we humans can see? It does not really sound so far-fetched when we remember that animals (especially dogs) and little children can instinctively tell whether a person is good or bad. Even though it does sound a lot interesting, and I for one would like to know much more about it. Not all animals have been accounted for in this new discovery. It is mostly the dogs and cats. It has been discovered that both the dogs and cats contain something in their retina that allows them to be able to see Ultraviolet rays of light.

Quite obviously, human beings do not have that extra something in our retinas that would enable us to see those frequencies and anyone who can see such frequencies must have some sort of mutation. Many years ago, scientists probably assumed that the eyes of all the mammals worked the same way as the eyes of humans especially when humans have been thought to be the most advanced species of all mammals. With the new evidence that is coming up about cats and dogs having a more advanced sight than humans which lets them see more frequencies than we can, it is safe to say that we might have lost that position as the most advanced species.

Biologists from City University situated in the UK have completed a more in-depth research that has provided us with more facts about this interesting wonder. Have you ever thought that your pet cat or dog could see something that you couldn’t see? If you have, you might be interested to know that your suspicions were spot on. Based on different scientific researches that have been carried out, it has been discovered and proven that dogs, cats and a couple of other mammals are able to see more frequencies than we humans can even up to Ultraviolet light. While humans can see from the red to visible violet lights, the dogs and cats can see up to the ultraviolet light which introduced them to a whole new experience.

Perhaps human beings might have been able to see the ultraviolet light if only nature did not put in a natural barrier in our lens that prevents the ultraviolet light from getting to our retinas. Before these new researchers brought to light the phenomenon of dogs and cats being able to view UV light, it was generally believed that all other mammals had eyes that were a lot like those of a human being. However, recent research has come up to debunk that claim. In one of those researches, the researchers carefully observed the eyes of dead mammals such as cats, dogs, monkeys, hedgehogs, and pandas. They paid close attention to the amount of light that could move through the lens of the eyes to the retina. From the results they got, they were able to conclude that some mammals that were believed to be unable to see the Ultraviolet light were actually quite able to do that.

Even though that scientific research has backed up this somewhat mysterious occurrence, some people believe that the ability of dogs and cats to see UV bands of light has a little bit of the metaphysics in it. To back this claim, many people have shared their own experiences in which their dogs and cats acted a bit out of character. Many have shared similar experiences in which their pet dogs or cats were seeing and reacting to some things in the house that they could not see. Others said that they experience this mostly when a family member had died, or something horrible had happened in the house. One particular person shared that her pet cat occasionally acts strangely. She would meow and claw the air in an uncoordinated fashion as if she were trying to keep something or someone away from her. Sometimes, she hissed and chased invisible things around the house. Her owner had previously been unaware of why her cat had been behaving that way and just thought it was her cat’s quirks.

While a practical person might point out that this strange occurrence has been explained already by scientific research as dogs and cats being able to see UV light that we humans can’t see, what then is the excuse when this occurs at night or in a dark place where there is no UV light to be seen. Besides that, even some human beings have been said to see some sort of shadow form slithering through their homes especially those that have night paralysis have reported seeing a black figure come into their rooms and sit on their chests. So what can we say about that? How about those people who have said that they have actually caught a glimpse of these mysterious shadowy forms just at the moment their pet dogs and cats began to bark or claw at what seems to be empty air and even scarier is that on some occasions, the animals have even run away from such figures. So, science might have its own explanation for cats and dogs being able to see things that we as humans can’t see but there also exists another explanation for the unexplainable that is hinged on metaphysics. Whatever the explanations might be, the fact remains that dogs, cats and a couple of other mammals can see things that human beings cannot see.

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