‘I’ll show you a f***ing sir’: Transgender Woman Tries To Fight Employee After Being Called ‘Sir’

A movie clip of a transgender woman yells at a store worker after the employee called her “sir” has gone viral on social networking. The clip, which was shot on a cell phone in a GameStop store in Albuquerque, New Mexico, shows a furious client in the shop claiming she was”misgendered” from the team when they didn’t address her as”ma’am.”

The customer in the clip can be observed demanding they want their “f***ing money back” from the male worker who used the word”sir” to address her. The transgender girl, who has not been identified, could be seen wearing a grey hoodie as she argues with a different customer at the store who also addresses her as”sir.”

A female in the background can be overheard yelling “Excuse me, sir, there is a young man in here. You need to watch your mouth.” As the completely p!$$ed of customer yells back, “Excuse me, it is ma’am, it is ma’am. You need to settle down and mind your business, okay?”

Watch the video below.

The employee at this GameStop can be heard interjecting in and attempts to calm down the situation the best he can, however, the customer who is still very angry, keep yelling at the employee and threatens to fight him in the streets.

“Motherf***er, take it outside if you want to call me sir again. I will show you a f***ing sir,” she could be heard yelling at the GameStop employee in the clip. The customer then storms out after some time and kicks over a massive pile of gear whilst heading outside.

After a quick few seconds, you can see her coming back into the store while charging directly at the employee and starts to demand for the store’s corporate number.

“I am going to tell them how I have been misgendered several times in this store. I’m going to ask you for the fifth time to stop calling me a man, because quite clearly I am not,” she says.

The employee again apologizes to the girl and informs her that he’ll get her the refund without issue. However, on the other hand, the client still seems enraged and walks out after telling the employee that he is disrespecting trans people and asserting that she’d notify the”whole LGBT community” regarding the episode.

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