Heartbreaking. Father Hears 3-Yr_old Daughter Scream On The Baby Monitor As Her Uncle Slashed Her and Killed Her In Front Of Her Siblings

Law enforcement authorities have reported that a three-year-old daughter died after her uncle slashed her throat before her sisters while her dad overheard her cries on a baby monitor.

The 33-year-old uncle, Emmanuel Flutur, attempted to assault his brother Ben Bulubenchi when he hurried into the area and attempted to disarm him. When Josephine was assaulted by her uncle, Ben discovered his daughter’s dreadful shrieks on the baby monitor. Despite paramedics’ finest attempts, Josephine died after she had been rushed to a hospital on Sunday evening.

Based on WYMT, Flutur was detained by authorities in Clinton County, Kentucky, but was too violent to allow them to have the ability to bring a mugshot to the channel. The reason for Flutur’s assault is yet to be known from the Sheriff’s office. According to the broadcaster, he had been working together with the family and was residing with them in the home.

Based on a few reporters, the neighbors stated “They’re such a beautiful family, the kids, mom, and the dad, they are very friendly, the kids are out in the yard playing a lot. It was just extremely heartbreaking. I just can’t imagine someone being able to do that.”

After the horrific tragedy, the shaken father took to social media and posted a heart-breaking image showing him clenching on to his passed away daughters hand.

The family has put up a Just Giving page to raise cash to fly the three-year-old’s body to Michigan for her funeral. So far it has raised over $37,000 of their 50,000 target. The page says that Josephine is the girl of Ben and Simona, that have nine kids.

The GoFundMe page states “The family would like to transport the body of the little girl to Michigan for funeral services. We would like to help cover the transport and funeral expenses.”

Meanwhile, Flutur has been placed into solitary confinement with a $1 million bond on charges of murder, assault, and wanton endangerment.

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