26-Yr-Old Male Kidnaps A 7-Yr-Old From Supermarket While Christmas Shopping, Drags Her To Nearby Bushes And Sexually Abuses Her.

A 26-year-old Australian man was charged with kidnapping a seven-year-old woman from within a grocery store and sexually assaulting the kid behind some bushes. The man, whose identity was kept under wraps and is allegedly a dad of twins was charged with taking a child for immoral purposes, deprivation of freedom, and indecent treatment of a child under 12 and made his initial appearance in court last week.

The incident, which unfolded in a Kmart store in North Lakes, west of Brisbane, was remembered by a different mother in a Facebook post. She wrote that the young girl was abducted from the shop when her mother was right there and looking at something different. The child had reportedly been bringing toys she wanted for Christmas to show her mother and was running down numerous aisles before abruptly disappearing.

The mom looked for the seven-year-old but could not find her anywhere and called the police for aid. The little girl had been missing for 1.5 hours until she was returned. Video footage showed that a guy took her from the shop and after returning her in a”dazed and drugged” state. The Daily Mail reports that the attacker enticed the woman out before forcing her into bushland at Pumicestone Passage and sexually assaulting her. Then he drove her back to the shop and made his escape, even though he had been apprehended soon afterward.

Another anonymous mom told the tabloid she had been with her eight-year-old daughter in the exact same Kmart at the time that the guy abducted the victim and he appeared questionable right from the start since he kept lurking within the shop and staring at her daughter.

“I never normally leave my daughter so I feel sick thinking about this,” she was quoted saying. “There was a guy standing there leaning on the shelf… his eyes were just fixed on my daughter and he was only an arm’s length away from her. I called for her and then he was startled, he looked at me and walked away. Straight away, I 100 percent had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right… now that I know what happened I just feel sick.”

She stated that she only found out about the assault recently after the event and that her “gut instinct” told her there was something off with the man. “Now that I know what happened… I just feel sick. I had a gut instinct that guy was really creepy. I just had the worst feeling,” she said.

A recent Facebook post also stressed the importance of never leaving your children unsupervised, especially in public places. “Please please please do not leave children even for a second…This is way too close to home for me. I am always out with the two kids and would be a perfect target when I get distracted by one child and the other doesn’t have my attention.”

Detective Superintendent Tony Fleming said, “Crimes in circumstances such as these are not common, but it is a timely reminder that a very small number of people could take advantage of an opportunity to harm a child. Children should be free to enjoy themselves, but it is important that we maintain appropriate vigilance of them and our surrounds.”

The attacker is scheduled to face charges.

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