Boyfriend Ranked From Best To Worst According To Their Zodiac! We’re Sincerely Sorry To Tell You About #12

1. Scorpio

Scorpio guys are very likable and extroverted bunch. But do not mistake their outward behavior for being vain and lacking substance. They can be very insightful and profound. They can also be very complicated and complex people. If you catch the eye of the Scorpio man and capture his heart, then you can be sure to have his love, commitment, and care. Their tendency to be loyal will make them a partners who will stick with you through thick and thin. While dating a Scorpio, know that you will need to be patient and understanding. That would help you come to terms with their often multilayered personality. Scorpio men tend to enjoy their personal space more than most, and it would be important that while you date one, you accord them that. A Scorpio guy also tends to be blunt, and that may be scalding at times, but they don’t do intentionally hurt you. They just don’t have a better way to say it. But always know that if a Scorpio man is with you, then they would stick with you.

2. Gemini

Geminis guys are known to fall for people quickly and wholeheartedly. They would be just weeks into a relationship and wouldn’t have a problem saying that they see the relationship leading to marriage. They are a very classy bunch who would take the highway in a sticky situation then go down dirty. They would be the polite and considerate person in the relationship. Their positive attitude towards life would inspire you to grow as an individual. They would also help you through your journey of achieving your dreams.

3. Libra

The Libra men are a very peaceful people. They don’t like to be in a quarrel and would avoid it by all means. They would rather give up the battle and win the war. They know when not to fight. They love to treat their partners well in a relationship; they would put all their effort and energy into helping their lovers. And most of the time they do this without any favors in return. They are men who would stand by you when the going is tough, and they would be there to celebrate your successes.

4. Aries

Aries guys love to be in control of their relationships, and that could come off as domineering. They also like to take on challenges and would, therefore, be drawn to strong women.
They could also seem hard to deal with as they make people work hard for their attention and care. But if you get through those walls of defense, you would find that they are soft and vulnerable on the inside. They are a group of people that take whatever their loved ones say very seriously.

5. Cancer

Cancer men are one of the kindest people in the zodiac signs, and they are emotional too. They are well known to heed the voice and leading of their heart instead of their mind. And that can come with huge consequences, and one of them is ending up with the wrong partners. But when they do get to the perfect partner, they would melt into their arms and love them fervently and unconditionally. They are also known to give gifts to their loved ones and spoil them with treats. If you get into a relationship with a male cancer, you would be taken to new levels of love and care that would chatter whatever expectations you had before.

6. Leo

The Leo guy is usually very romantic, although this might be hard to see because their outward appearance is that of a strong, robust and aloof person. But always remember that that is an act, and they feel as strongly and passionately about love as you do. They would do amazingly creative stuff to make sure that you are happy in a relationship. They also tend to give without expecting much in return. In fact, your well being and joy would be enough for the Leo man. And so they tend to give more than they receive in a relationship. It makes them trustworthy partners in a relationship. They are a good investment of your time and effort because they understand and value the need for a loving and supportive partner beside them.

7. Aquarius

It may be hard to understand the Aquarius man at first, but that would last as long as you stop panicking and start studying them. They are known to be hilarious people too. With time you will get to understand that the Aquarius guy loves to create his path, he would tend to always to do his own thing. They also tend to keep to themselves and therefore won’t make for excellent company. They wouldn’t find it easy to understand when you are emotionally down because they aren’t good at reading people. Thus they wouldn’t make good boyfriends for girls that are emotionally needy and loved to be cuddled. But if you find yourself in love with an Aquarius guy, then you would know that you would be the one to initiate whatever things you want to be done in the relationship. But rest assured that they are very cooperative partners and would do whatever you tell them to do.

8. Sagittarius

The Sagittarius guy finds it hard in relationships sometimes, and it is almost always their fault. When they notice that something is going wrong in their relationship they would usually avoid making decisions. This could be a behavioral extension of their tendency to be careless and avoid making big decisions till the last minute. But when it comes to being a great partner, they ace that. They can be one of the most loyal and loving partners you will ever meet.

9. Capricorn

Capricorns can be very demanding folks, and they bring that massive expectation to their relationships. They would want their partners to improve in all parts of their lives.

Capricorns have high expectations when it comes to everything in their life. This includes relationships. They add pressure to the person they are interested in whether that’s their career or personal life. They like to be the one making decisions and controlling situations. Their perfect significant other is someone they can boss around and someone who is passive. While they have the best intentions their arrogance gets them in trouble.

10. Virgo

The Virgos are known for their irrational jealousy and bad temper. They can also be uncontrollable and hence tend to let their anger boil over. They can also be resentful and vengeful. When you are in a relationship with a Virgo, it is common to see them bring up past deeds to make you feel bad about yourself or a decision you took. They could turn a little misunderstanding into a big fight. And when they raise hell in the relationship they would come asking for forgiveness. But that usually doesn’t stop them from repeating their behaviors. And so it will be hard to love them.

11. Taurus

The Taurus man can be complicated when it comes to getting them to commit. They would rather be more concerned with other activities, which they perceive as more valuable such as career and family. They don’t place the value of relationships that high. If you know this and you are dating a Taurus guy, you will understand why you feel like your relationship isn’t secure. At some point, it might look like the relationship is going somewhere and another time that certainty fades away. Just know that he isn’t the type to get into a relationship only for the sake of it. He has to be sure that you are the one for him and when he is satisfied by what he sees, he will go all the way. When a Taurus guy is looking for someone to date, he is interested to see if that person shares the same goals and values with him.

12. Pisces

The Pisces guys are known to be very much in touch with their emotions. But surprisingly, they are attracted to people are the exact opposite. And that doesn’t spell well for them in such relationships. An emotional person being in a relationship with someone who finds it hard to empathize with another person isn’t the best for both of them. The littlest of things will prick the ego of the emotional, and his partner would find living with him laborious since she would have to walk on eggshells whenever he is around. But when the Pisces man finds the right partner, they would love and cherish such person and commit to the relationship. That partner just has to get through the fact that the Pisces guy would often get lost in their imaginations instead of taking on challenges. They would also not open up to their partners easily leading to festering negativity and intermediate outbursts of frustration.

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