Based On Your Zodiac How Long Would You Survive In A Horror Movie?

Your zodiac sign gives away a lot about yourself and based on this information we think we have accurately figured out how long you would be able to survive in a horror movie.

12. Gemini

The Gemini would be the first to go. The reason for this is because they are fun loving people. If you want to find the Gemini, look for the party, noise, and booze. God, they love to talk and can with whoever is ready to give ear, But that chatterbox has no place in a movie as dark as the one in question. More serious things, like surviving the apocalypse or some impending zombie invasion, are top of people’s mind. They (Geminis) make sure the world is very boring and tense. But being true to their nature, they would find any open opportunity to party and have fun. And that is when they get caught. The world of horror movies is completely unapologetic to the feelings of the prey if you are caught slacking you would fall to the blade of some serial killer or melt in the digestive soup of some carnivorous monster.

11. Aries

Aries are quite an obstinately curious bunch. And that is a trait that would expose them to danger. They are not afraid to take on the unknown. Their bravery could get them in a good position for quite some time in the horror movie world. But that success would be short-lived. This is because nobody is special in this terrifying and treacherous world. While the Aries may get carried away by the little success they might have achieved – by using their bravery to survive some zombie attacks or the likes, the horror world monsters relentlessly hunger for their flesh. And sooner than later, they would fall victim.

10. Leo

The Leo is all for the pomp and fair. They love to show off and brag. They are always looking for attention. They do this because they really do want to be loved. But in a horror movie world, nobody really cares about that. It is all safety and the practicality of achieving that. This, of course, will not suit or satisfy their undying craving for the spotlight. Now, the thing about this is that they will get it. And when the big bad wolf finally notices them, they would sit in the warm and slimy belly of the beast.

9. Aquarius

The Aquarian folks have traits that are very similar to the Aries and the Leo. They are bold and confident people. But they also have a certain trait that even goes a long way to jeopardize their safety in the horror movie world. They are known to be loners. They are very comfortable being with themselves. Now, the problem with that is that a horror movie world is so harsh and terrifying that mankind will have to work together if they ever hope to survive. Ideas for survival would be contributed by everyone. But since the Aquarius is an imaginative thinker, they may privately think up brilliant ideas that can’t be filtered through society. So, therefore, they could spontaneously act on it – since they have the bravery and self-confidence to go with it. They then would often time go on with flawed missions that could cost them their lives.

8. Sagittarius

Folks under the ninth astrological sign – the Sagittarius, will be much like the Gemini, have a hard time coping in terror land. Their love and hunger for all things merry and nice will be met with starvation. I mean, if you have three-headed monster sniffing for your vulnerable succulent meatball of a body, humor and entailment fly out of the window. So it won’t be long before the Sagittarius finds something to distract them just enough for these preying monster to get them for dinner. And with terrifying screams a mist sheer terror and shock, they would join the others at the bottom of the beast’s bowels.

7. Taurus

The Taurus’s positive traits will endear a lot of people to him/her. They are smart, honest, practical and dependent people. These are all very potent leadership skills that are needed to survive the zombie world. Their smarts help them come up with interesting ideas that actually help the group escape from and avert danger. Their honesty would be a breath of fresh in a world where it is very scarce – as human beings are brought down to animals fighting with very limited resources. This will draw a lot of people to them. Their followers will strengthen their beliefs in them when they notice that their ideas are well grounded in practicality. But that is as far as their usefulness – in blood and gore world, goes. If they don’t get that leadership role, they tend to be lazy jerks. Backbiting and criticising of whoever is in charge. This destructive behavior would be the downfall of them, as they would begin to make a lot of mistakes in a land where horrible deaths are punishment for sloppiness.

6. Cancer

The crab folks are not cut out for this kind of chaos. They are too soft and emotional. The stress of constantly seeing gore will overwhelm them to the point of hysteria. Not to forget the other factors, such as infighting, squabbles, and betrayals, all help to weighing them down. This is due to their empathic nature. They have the ability to feel people’s pain. Imagine having to deal with the stress of a whole group of humans who are constantly in sorrow, pain, fear, and frustration. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that they could lead down the path of depression. Adding to the fact that they do care deeply about people, you could see that in this scenario, they won’t be able to solve most people’s problem – those whose friends have fallen to the claws of the horror movie monsters, would be inconsolable. Now, even though all these chaos continues to rage in the background, they would try their best to help people but when their efforts seem to be futile, they would give up. And when anyone gets to that point in horror planet, they just instantly become liability waiting for the ultimate elimination. Their end could come from finally giving up on the fight to live.

5. Pisces

Just as all water signs are, Pisces are very much in touch with their emotions. They would have a really hard time, dealing with the emotional rollercoaster of living in a horror movie world. Although, their natural traits such as selfless love and great empathy, would go a long way to create some kind of bond between fleeing humans. But when they begin to see those who they have helped, did one after the other. They may crack under pressure. Not everyone is built to take that much trauma. And in the midst of that all that, they would become stranglers and we all know what happens to stragglers. They get punished for slacking. Another scenario that could play out is that they may fall ill from all the stress they have to deal with on a daily basis. Pisces naturally don’t like to be in the midst of conflict and confrontations. But in terror planet, that is the air they will breath. This could lead to hypertension, and knowing very well that no one really has any drugs to administer to them. They die from more stress and chaos. Another one could be that she to their very unassuming nature, they could fall to the evil men who have made a pact with the horror movie monster. Their selfless personality could be exploited by such people and thus be betrayed by them.

4. Scorpio

Scorpios are much like the Leo in the sense that they would motivate down from a challenge. This this – the horror movie situation would make them stronger. They would become better leaders and warriors. They would go about the business of survival with ruthlessness and they would be feared and respected by friend or foe. This characteristics will keep them alive for quite a long time in the movie until their negative traits make them stumble. That could be pride, over-ambition, or even their ruthless nature. But the fact of the matter is that they would end up destroyed when they refuse to learn and evolve in a fast-paced world that demands it for continual safety. If they get intoxicated by the limelight, then they would be gone before they even get to know what happened. Now, they would leave the planet without a good fight with the monsters. In fact the horror movie beast would bruise and bleed if he wants some of that tasty determined meat.

3. Libra

The Libra is all about friendships, they are good at starting and maintaining such relationships. This will give them an edge in a horror movie, if they happen to strike such friendship with someone who is strong, brave, compassionate and smart. All they have to do is stay humble and trust such a person and they both would most likely stay alive.

2. Virgo

Virgos are quite and an organized bunch, and although they may be unprepared for such a terrifying event, they would somehow find a way to hold their own. They would immediately take charge in event of similar danger and attempt to wisely lead themselves and their friends out of harm’s way. They are the types of leaders who will truly think outside the box to provide unique solutions to their problems. So they would find some way to leave horror planet entirely.

1. Capricorn

The Capricorns sure have a tendency to be psychopaths. Their cold and soulless approach to problems, may be seen as threatening and problematic to a society – that is one at peace. But when it comes to war and danger, they would fare very well. They are cold and calculating, doing only the things that would benefit their survival. They owe nobody any help and would certainly not feel bad about stepping on a few heads to achieve their own goals. They could be the guys who make a deal with the monster to sacrifice the lives of their fellow citizens, to stay safe. Unfortunately, that attitude often times leaves them as the last standing human.

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