20 Signs That He REALLY Wants You

It’s easy to tell if a guy likes you, right? He gives you “bedroom eyes”. He finds reasons to talk to you, to touch you, to make you laugh. A woman can just sense when a man is vying for her attention.

But when it comes to a guy who really likes you – as in “like-like”, or a guy who’s looking for serious girlfriend material – it’s a different story. Men can be very hard to read.

20 Signs Which Shows He REALLY Likes You

1. He will make it a point to always communicate with you every day whether it be through phone or in person.

2. He will always make sure to carve time out of his schedule to go on special dates with you.

3. He will make an effort to constantly seek intimate things that only the two of you can share with one another.

4. He will never hold back on his compliments from you; he will never be withholding when it comes to his love and affection for you.

5. He will never make you doubt just how much he likes you as a person and as a partner.

6. He will never hold back from discussing a future with you in it.

7. He will make you feel like he constantly wants to be spending time with you regardless of what you’re doing or where you’re going.

8. He will do his best to start integrating you into his own personal social circle; he will make you feel welcome into his family and group of friends.

9. He will ask you to spend the night at his place instead of allowing you to just go home.

10. He will do his best to always make you feel at home in his abode.

11. He will willingly open up about his past and all of the most vulnerable aspects of his life.

12. He will cook for you.

13. He will hold your hand as you’re walking down the street together.

14. He will consider you as an equal in the relationship.

15. He will kiss you with passion and with purpose.

16. He will not force you to act in ways that make you feel totally uncomfortable.

17. He will make it a point to get interested in your personal interests.

18. He will make an effort to be romantic with you.

19. He will actively engage with you on social media.

20. He will brag about you to his friends.

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