30 Vintage Pics From ’80s Malls That Will Give You Serious Nostalgia

If you have lived long enough to remember what the malls looked like in the 80s, then you are going to have a good time looking at these 30 pictures. They would rekindle the long lost feelings of your youth.

These pictures capture a time when big hair, jeans, and cigarettes were the in things and the malls — not facebook, were the places to hang out.

There is just something different about these pictures; it looks very foreign to what it is that we are accustomed to nowadays.

It could be that these pictures capture a time where we didn’t have cell phones or smoking in public wasn’t that big of a deal as it is today.

1. Big Hair X3

2. Hair Three Scoops High

3. Casual Corner

4. Tape World

5. A Cigarette By The Fountain, Kids

6. Extraordinarily ’80s

7. Swayze For Sale

8. Tiny Mullet, Giant Coke

9. Sears Pilgrimage

10. Incredible Outfit 

11. Bad Boys

12. Punk Rock Dad

13. The Real Thing

14. So Many Cigarettes

15. ’80s Mall Christmas

16. Oversized Guess? Collegiate Tee

17. Batman ’89

18. Youth Gone Wild

19. Buy American, Buy Sears

20. Window Shopping

21. Fall Sale

22. Designated Sulking Area

23. Peddling The Present

24. Going To Town

25. SALe SALe

26. Escalator Couple

27. Food Court Silhouette

28. Two Strollers, One Balloon

29. Shop ‘Til You Drop

30. QualiCraft Shoes 

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