Woman Would Rather Be With Ghosts Than Men After She Had Relations With Over 20 Ghosts

There must be a time when many of you have been part of haunted ghostly dreams, featuring haunted mansions, graveyards or holding seances. But it’s a totally different story with a 27-year-old woman, Amethyst Realm, who claims to enjoy $3x life with 20 different ghosts.

This spiritual guidance counselor is so much contended with it that she has decided to not to approach men throughout her lifetime, at least not for physical pleasure. She shared that the first time it happened was when she shifted with her fiance in a new house. Once she was all alone with an unknown entity, who was attracted to her, it made its move!

“It started as energy, and then became physical. There was pressure on my thighs and breath on my neck,” Realm shared her experience, “I just always felt safe. I had $3x with the ghost.”

She further stated that one night when she was not accompanied by her partner, she tried tempting the ghost by putting on lingerie and lying on bed, waiting for the ghost to take over. It was a long time waiting. When she was about to fall asleep, the ghost appeared.

She finds it difficult to describe the experience. While she cannot see the ghost, she actually feels his presence. It all continued for a period of three years, just before she was caught by her fiance.

Instead of parting ways with ghost, Realm chose to part with men when one day his fiance eye-witnessed the whole act.

Now, after being involved with 20 ghosts, she is looking forward to a phantom pregnancy as she claims to research each and every thing about the subject, which further assured her that a person could be impregnated by a ghost. However, carrying it to a full term is still unknown.

Realm could not be said to be the only one who had $3x with ghosts, even famous musicians Bobby Brown and Kesha have had similar experiences.

“The people who report having $3x with a ghost report feeling pressure on them and even penetration, but ghosts don’t have warmth,” a ghost researcher, Alexandra Holzer, shared, “When they’re in the room it’s a very cold environment.”

Critics takes one-step further to lend a logical sense to the whole of the story. Researchers believe that it could be due to sleeping disorders, subsuming sleep paralysis and hallucinations. It is often said that the myth of incubus and succubus is all result of the sleep paralysis. These can lead to hallucinations at the time of sleeping or waking. The cause could also be genetic, or then stress or trauma can also play their part.

Realm could also be said to experience all such due to these only. But she also claims that she can gossip, roam around with him even when she is awake in the day. Amid of this, one thing is sure that Realm would never have to complain for the toilet seat left up!

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