KFC Selling Fireplace Logs That Smell Like Fried Chicken

Some people choose to use candles to create their house odor like a variety of fragrances, and sometimes simply cooking a meal may lead to an aroma aftereffect that leaves one remembering how good your meal was for hours afterward.

But no-ones ever quite gone as far as KFC, who has decided that everyone was lacking a certain chicken-themed product in their lives – a log for your fireplace that smells entirely of fried chicken when it’s burning. Holy moly.

I can not say I ever wished to make my house smell like KFC but that could be because the opportunity has never presented itself, however, this may be the chance I didn’t know I was waiting for. Considering it an actual option now, I must say I am more than interested, I’m prepared to welcome the Colonel into my home. Thankfully we do have a fireplace.
One 5-pound log is only going to put you back $18.99, which includes shipping. I know – a bargain bucket and candles may be a whole lot more affordable – but can it really smell up your entire home in exactly the manner this log will? I really don’t think so.
If you are feeling want to celebrate your love for the Holidays in addition to food and festive this Christmas, then you might want to check out McDonald product.
Better yet? It’s all currently about one of the most loved menu items – the Chicken McNuggets. Yep, that is right – now you can make your tree branches dangle off McNuggets. Isnt this the coolest thing ever?
Ben Fox, marketing director at McDonald’s, said: “Our new Reindeer Ready campaign aims to remind customers that we are there when they need us at this time of year – from a Christmas shopping coffee break to a pre-party burger or even a mid-present delivery carrot stop.
“From TV to OOH, social to in-store, we will make sure there is a little reindeer magic for everyone this Christmas.”
If you would like to get your hands on some Maccie’s merch, you are able to enter the contest here. You can also try and possibly get your hands on a McDonald’s Christmas jumper but you’ll need to be quick because you’ve just got until 11.59pm on 13 December to enter

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