How You Treat Your Ex According To Your Zodiac Sign

We all have at one point, or the other in our lives relied on the Zodiac signs to give us an insight into either our characteristics and behavior or those of someone else. Some people even let the Zodiac sign influence their dates, relationships, and practically every facet of their lives. That’s okay. Here’s another thing our Zodiac signs determine. The way we treat our exes. Yea yea, it really does. So read on below and find out which of your exes is liable to still be carrying a torch for you or oops, moved on entirely.


Aries are known to be an intensive bunch of people, and so it goes to say that they would take this intensity into their relationships. Giving their all and creating a remarkable relationship with their partners and so when they break up, they don’t sever all bonds because the feelings they shared were just too intense to let go. So they keep in touch with their exes. Staying in their lives as friends.


Taurus born are both stubborn and passionate; an explosive combination. When in a relationship, they give all of themselves and invest all they can into the relationship, and when they break up, they do one of two things. One, their stubborn nature makes them walk away without a backward glance and sever all ties with their exes. Two, their passionate natures overcome, and they hang onto the mementos of their relationship which might be their exes clothes or cologne; anything that reminds them of their exes. In a way, their stubborn natures don’t allow them to let go.


Gemini born are very sentimental people. This obviously transcends to their relationships and breakups are hard for them because they still harbor some feelings for their exes. From hate to love or fondness, they still feel a little something for their exes although they might not keep in touch a lot. Also, their renowned short attention span does not let them wallow in their sadness over a breakup for long, and they bounce back on the rebound looking for something new and different to make them feel better. So, a Gemini would be sad about a breakup and in no time at all be going out on a date with a new person.


Cancers are very emotionally sensitive people. They have soft hearts enclosed by a rough exterior like the crab shell whose sign they are born under. They protect their emotions fiercely and only reveal themselves to loyal people. They can take quite a bit from people but are also quick to walk away without looking back at all. Their emotions of steel enable them to cut off their exes from their lives. However, if they had shown you their heart, they would wallow in their pity party but would eventually snap out of it due to their emotional resilience.


Leos are famous for their smartass attitude and attention seeking ways. They love to be the center of everyone’s attention and expect to be the center of attention in the lives of their relationship partners. When they break up with them and no longer occupy that position, they tend to break apart and being single means that they’ll be the recipients of attention from other people and this they love. So, instead of pining for an ex, a Leo is most likely to be found hanging out with other singles and generally making their exes jealous by looking good and happy; which they do in the midst of all that attention.


Virgos are very intellectual and emotionally reserved people. They tend to criticize and don’t ever forget little details. So, if they break up with you, they are DONE. There would be no going back especially if your actions were a part of the reasons they decided to break up with you. They won’t forget and as such aren’t friends with their exes. They just entirely cut off all connections between them and their exes.


Librans are one of the nicest people. They are extra loving and caring, seeing to the needs of their friends above theirs. The same thing bleeds into their relationships. They give all their care, avoiding and hating conflicts. They feel too much so when they break up, they have a hard time of it. Tears and depression usually follow their breakups, and they tend to seek a love-filled hole to hide in such as with their family and close friends. However, when they come across their exes, they do not show this anguish; instead, they are very nice and understanding even if their hearts are being shredded.


Scorpio born love power and are adept at hiding their emotions from other people because it gives them a certain power rush. If you break up with a Scorpio, he is liable to act so unaffected that you might begin to believe that he never felt anything for you at all. They would treat their exes with politeness and present a cool demeanor to them. It might be hard to know if they ever cared for you at all because of how they treat their exes.


Sagittarians are an adventure loving bunch and are known to enjoy trying out new things. They are known to be commitment phobic a little bit and love to enjoy life to the fullest. When they break up with their partners, they aren’t really bothered, and nor do they feel awful about it. They are very optimistic and fun loving, and it won’t take a while before she moves on with her life to newer and more exciting things and people leaving her ex in the dust.


Capricorn born are imbued with the insatiable need to feel worthy and, as such, spend a lot of time trying to gain said worth. When it comes to relationships, they give their all anyway. Because of their need to be worthy, they do not deal with breakups well. They can’t accept the fact that they are not worthy and so can cause a little bit of uncomfortable with not being worthy in their exes eyes. This might explain why they do anything to get back their exes.


One thing an Aquarian has in spades is pride. They come across as aloof, standoffish people. Even when they are in relationships, they tend to keep back a part of them from their partners. This aloofness comes into play if they break up with their partners. They make a clean break; never to go back. They do this because they are single-minded people and can’t afford any distractions in the form of feelings and crying. They obliterate the presence of their ex from their lives.


Pisceans are very emotional people who mostly live in their daydreams. They put in so much into their relationships and sacrifice a lot of things for their partners. They avoid conflicts and so a Piscean is most liable to be nice to their exes even if they feel very hurt. It takes a while for a Piscean to get over a heartbreak, and while she is bouncing back, she occupies herself with many activities to take the sting out of the break. They are also friendly to their exes and never let on that they are hurt.

From the characteristics above, I hope you understand why your ex treats you the way he does; why your current partner is chummy with his ex; and how you’re most probably of going to be with your ex.

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