Mighty Ducks Star Shaun Weiss Is Detained For Shoplifting Months. Can’t Seem To Get It Together

Shaun Weiss — best known for being Goldberg on “The Mighty Ducks” and regrettably, this mug shot — is in trouble … only months after declaring that he checked into rehab.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ… the celebrity was caught in November for allegedly shoplifting over $200 worth of things in an L.A. Rite Aid. We are told he is currently facing a probation violation and a theft charge.

TMZ released the story… Weiss was detained for public intoxication in mid-August when cops snapped this rough-looking mug shot. The shocking picture encouraged his buddies to plead with him to find assist.

Shaun declared he had been going to do that days later, saying he had checked on some long-term rehabilitation centre . He confessed that “without immediate treatment my life is in eminent danger” When he abandoned the treatment centre, it is uncertain.

The’Ducks’ celebrity’s downward spiral dates back to a year ago, where he was detained for ownership of meth along with for stealing.

While TMZ was attempting to contact Weiss, his buddies told TMZ they’re “hoping for the best” because of him.

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