Man puts 13-month-old toddler in tumble dryer, closes the door, and turns it on leaving her severely injured

A guy who place a 13-month-old infant girl at a tumble dryer and turned it on will stand trial because of “threatening the life” of their kid. 25-year-old Thomas Dunn, who’s is accused of attacking the infant and endangering her life over a period of 3 months, was arraigned in front of a judge yesterday, The Sun reports.

Besides the charges, Dunn, from Hamilton is alleged to have assaulted another infant within the span of 3 decades. He pinched a child to limit his breathing and put his hands the child. In a hearing in Dundee Sheriff Court Dunn confronted a total of four charges.

The toddler was allegedly placed by dunn in a tumble drier, closed the door, and started using the machine. The rotating drum caused injuries to the woman and endangered her life, according to prosecutors.


The charge alleges that the exact same woman was assaulted by Dunn between those days after he placed his hand over her mouth. Ultimately, per the fourth charge, endangered her life and Dunn is alleged to have attacked the girl again. The report states that she was struck by him on the head and body before striking objects that are unidentified with her and biting her arm. The series of crimes is said to have been dedicated in Arbroath, Angus.

After Defense solicitor Paul Parker Smith said that the defense would require time to make questions before a trial date might be finalized the hearing in Dundee Sheriff Court yesterday did not find Dunn enter a plea to the four fees on indictment.

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