The True Weak And Negative Sides Of Each Zodiac Sign

Most people have become quite dependent on the zodiac sign when it comes to trying to understand who they are. We look to our Zodiac signs to know the outcomes of our relationships, the best sign compatible with ours, what the year holds in store for us and just how we are wired. However, most of us tend to overlook the dark sides, weaknesses disadvantages of our Zodiac signs. Below, is a little summary of your pitfalls according to your Zodiac sign.


Aries are quite childlike in their behavior. This tends to make them selfish people who mostly are oblivious to other peoples’ feelings. They also do not plan ahead of time and are quite impulsive in behavior. They can be known to be vain and reckless too. Most notable about them is their goal-getter attitude. they are ambitious people and can be to the exclusion of other things and people. They are only attuned to themselves and would not be good listeners.


Like the animal representing this sign, Taurus-born are very stubborn. They would not budge from a decision they have made no matter what. They also tend to be highly passive aggressive in their dealings with other people. Another negative trait worth knowing about them is that they can also be very lazy preferring to do less work than they should.


These people are known immediately because they never stop talking. A Gemini is always talking and can be good sources of information and gossip. They also are moody and quite unpredictable. They are always involved in too many things and hardly get to finish one. They also very manipulative and can easily be quarrelsome. They cannot be depended upon especially with secrets.


Cancer-born are known to be super needy. These people cling to family and friends a lot. They also hold grudges. They do not let go of things and this can spoil a lot of friendships and relationships. They are greatly emotional people. They tend to worry a lot over things and can easily make themselves sick with worry. Cancers are also known to be prone to depression and deep sadness.


They carry the regal trait of the Lion into their lives. They portray very arrogant attitudes believing themselves above others. They are also known for their very dramatic behaviors. They go overboard and love when the attention is on them. Because of the regal way they carry themselves they always believe they are right and try to Control other people around them. In addition, to talk these they hate being corrected and can barely stand it, however, they love to comment on other people’s lives and give sometimes unwanted advice.


Virgos are set in their ways and find it very hard to adapt to change. They are perfectionists and expect everyone else to be just like them. They are worriers and complain about everything. They are fussy and show obsessive behaviors. They are extremely judgemental and demanding and petty.


Libra-borns love comfort and convenience. They are materialistic because of this. They also prove to be quite careless with money because they love to buy nice things. They love the balance in their lives and hate to rock the boat in their dealings with people and can hide their true feelings about certain people or events, making them look fake. They are sadly lazy and have been known to be gullible.


These people define jealousy. They can get very jealous and possessive and this can quickly escalate to malicious actions… They are harsh with other people and always want their way. They usually display a certain picky attitude when it comes to food. They also hold grudges against people and are very tight-fisted even to themselves. Although well covered, they tend to be very competitive and do not accommodate arguments.


These dear smart people have proven to be too factual in their statements and say hurtful things bluntly to people. They are careless, impulsive and irresponsible. They are quite apathetic to other people and can display a lot of pride, because of their knowledge, they sometimes come across as a know it all.


Capricorns are a bossy and dour lot. They tend to be workaholics and social climbers. They are very stingy and display egotistical traits. They also look for the worst possible outcome in everything. Although, a bit emotional, these people are extremely drama-phobic. They love to blend in and are a bit power hungry.


Aquarians are loners because of their snobby and emotionally detached attitudes. They are insensitive to other people and can come across as rude and tactless. They also have very guarded personalities. They love to take risks and are more likely to break rules than any other sign and because of this, they are very open to new things.


Pisces are known for their overly kindhearted behavior. This makes them susceptible to manipulators. They are dependent, self-pitying and have low self-esteem and confidence. They are very emotional people, can display extreme emotions and are moody. They also hate confrontations of any kind and will ensure a lot for peace. They get bored easily and tend to also get addicted to things easily. They are also dreamers. This makes it hard for them to achieve their quite lofty goals despite their smartness and ability to. They are lazy and end up not working hard for what they want. Pisces should be careful about this and make a concerted effort to work towards their goals.

Armed with our negative traits, we should make a concerted effort to change them and curb them if they cannot be changed in other to be the best of ourselves.

Now that you know the negative side of your zodiac sign, try to learn how to balance them

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