Woman Gives Up On Finding Love When She Finds It With A Tree, She Plans To Marry, Calls Tim And Has Intercourse With It.

Most people aren’t strangers to the struggles of finding the right partner. First, we expect the ones we see to tick all the boxes and then as time and frustrations weigh heavily on our psyche we begin to give some leeway to the potential suitors that we interact with. We get into relationships with some of them, and many don’t turn out fine. And with a few more broken hearts we finally just want someone we could build a future with. Someone who we believe living with brings peace of mind. Most people go through this cycle till they find the love of their lives.

This was probably the cycle that Emma McCabe – a British woman, had been going through before she took an unconventional turn. She decided to call it quits with her male species in exchange for the comforts of a tree she called Tim. She has said that their relationship has been going on for quite a while now and that she has sex with the plant on a regular basis. She says that this was a result of men constantly breaking her heart. And so she had decided that maybe a relationship with her species wasn’t her cup of tea. So she was thinking outside the box by going inter-species with her love life.

Emma has gone on to reiterate her intense love and devotion to her relationship with the tree as she promised that she would always be faithful to the tree. She went on to say that she would not lustfully stare at any tree, be it on the road, or in movies and pictures. Reason being that she is emotional, sexually and psychological satisfied by Tim the tree. If she could get all that from being with a tree, then she wouldn’t bother trying men again. She was forever bonded to Tim the tree.

In reaction to this story, a Christian organization has raised the alarm that stories such as this are a blaring sign of the end times. Where all sorts of unnatural and lunatic behaviors seem to be encouraged by modern day society. But for a psychologist, Emma is having an uncommon mental problem which can be called dendrophilia – the love for trees. Although it wasn’t stated if that mental illness could be treated.

Meanwhile, Emma stays firm in her resolve to her relationship with Tim. In fact, they are slated to get married in no time. By the way, her family and friends have no part in that; they are massively disappointed in Emma’s choice. By the look of things, she doesn’t look bothered at all. For her, she has found Tim the tree – the love of her life. And she would go on to be married to plant. Well, if that is what makes her happy then she should go on with her plan.

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