Anxiety Is Not a Choice (So Please Stop Telling Us to ‘Chill’)

If you give it some thought, it will make sense to you that someone who has never had to deal with depression or anxiety can’t understand what it means to be in such a situation. But very few people look at it that way. Instead, they prefer to blame the victims for either not being too strong or focused in life. As if victims of depression can just decide to get up and change their lives in a minute. I get it that most suggestions are rooted in ignorance or casual knowledge. But the truth of the matter is that the solutions to anxiety and depression aren’t that easy to come by. No one chooses to be depressed or anxious, and they can’t just switch their suffering off.

If it were that easy, don’t you think that people would quickly want to get out of their misery? Do you think that depressed people go around trying to get sympathy from the public? I don’t someone who is in genuine pain is concerned with such frivolities.

Another big misconception about people who are going through depression and anxiety is that they can always be easily spotted out in a crowd just based on their public countenance. That isn’t true, and in fact, that is quite the opposite. A lot of victims of anxiety and depression often wear a mask of confidence and happiness. They do this to avoid people noticing that they aren’t doing well and then to find out why. So with that, we can see why it is tough to spot a depressed person simply by their countenance.

Also falling into depression isn’t something that has a fixed way of taking place. For some, it could be an accumulation of events and emotions that all contribute to a gradual slip into depression. While that can be the case for some people, for others the opposite is true for them. They just suddenly become depressed. These events could come in phases, and so they could be fine for a period, only for them to slip back into depression without warning. It could be a soul-sapping experience. For some people could pop a pill and get the situation under control while that might not be the case for others. For those people, it can be very tough to get through life.

Telling someone who is a victim of depression and anxiety, to just chill can be a bit insensitive to the struggles of someone who is going through it. If such people feel you are trying to say what they are going through isn’t real, then it only makes matters worse as such person will begin to feel bad for feeling the way he/she is feeling. That could just worsen the case but make them slip even deeper into depression. It is important that we all avoid this by keeping in mind that anxiety and depression are serious health issues and should be treated as such.

It should be treated as seriously as other health issues that require urgent attention. No one laughs when someone has to go for chemotherapy and that should also be that kind of seriousness and empathy deployed to people who are struggling with depression and anxiety.

When we begin to address this issue then we will also reduce the pressure that victims go through to put on a smiling mask even when they are going through hell. Instead, they would easily come out with their problems so that they can get the adequate care that they need and deserve.

Above all, it is important to know that anxiety and depression are real cases of mental illness that needs to be treated. This isn’t just opinions or antics of drama queens and the weirdos. This is real and real people with families go through it. So instead of joining the majority in worsening the situation, why not help out. Try to console and comfort such people. Then also try to direct them the appropriate place where these issues are handled

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